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increase their revenue
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According to our customers’ data from Russian TOP-10


We are raising your revenue...

...answering the typical questions:



Realtime A/B testing results

We are raising your revenue
answering unusual questions

Traffic targeting

Website users differ
by region, by device, etc.

Every page differs

by topic, location, content
ad block styling, etc.

We are raising your revenue
using machine learning

We use automatic plug-and-play user analyze system.
It selects individual advertisements for each visitor

Doing it right with Advertone:

The most effective
ad system
from 15%
by place
from 10%
Selection of
right inventory
format from 10%
Machine learning
driven targeting
from 20%
Mobile traffic
tools from 50%

The best case scenario is revenue increase by 50%

RelevantMedia (kakprosto.ru)

desktop traffic
increased by


mobile traffic
increased by


total revenue
increased by


Data is provided by period of April-May 2014.
There was subsequent revenue increase due to additional information
collected by our system over time

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